Logisys 4-Direction LED Gaming Mouse

by Drew Smith on September 23, 2005 in Peripherals

Looking for a mouse with some flair? Well, the Logisys mouse we are looking at today features a cool LED light as well as a 4-Directional scroll wheel. Does it have what it takes to take our tough critique? Let’s jump right into the review.

Today at Techgage.com we are examining Logisys’ new 4 Directional LED mouse. At first glance this mouse looks very nice and the four way scrolling feature is a very cool touch. The color scheme works well and will add sleek looks to any desktop layout.

We had a dream that there was a computer as novel as a toy and as exquisite as a gift. We dreamed that there was a computer that could glitter all kinds of lights just like an emerald. We had also dreamed a more people friendly computer with a choice of more eye catching colors available instead of being beige only. That is exactly what we have been doing and working hard on.

This 4-direction scrolling (up & down vertical scrolling and left & right horizontal scrolling) gaming mouse engineered by a special mechanism and software design boast its exotic color by glossy painting and sharp LED lit up curve. The mouse was ergonomically designed with two kinds of paintings, one side was painted with anti-slippery rubber paint, and the other was painted with exotic glossy paint.

Testing & Thoughts

When I first plugged this mouse in there was a software diskette provided to install. The LED light that begins at the front of the scroll wheel and extends down the curved center of the mouse adds a very sharp look to the mouse. Unfortunately looks aren’t everything; I did find the mouse quite small for my hand and using it is a bit awkward. I have been using the Logitech MX500, and I believe that this 4 way directional mouse would be much better if it were to retain its styling features but adopt the MX 500’s size. Sometimes size does matter.

The mouse performs well during normal computer operation and also well during internet navigation. It could use some additional features though, such as a back and forward button. Also, there are two small triangles that extend out from around the scroll wheel that get in the way while clicking, especially right clicking. This could aggravate some users… especially those with larger hands or fingers. The 4 directional feature did perform well as Logisys has promised, however I didn’t find this feature essential. I myself have never had a problem clicking on the scroll wheel and moving the mouse side to side.

During game play this mouse performed exceptionally well from my standpoint; It is very sensitive and accurate. I tested this mouse playing CS: Source and Halo PC. Every movement corresponded exactly to the signal my hand sent out, and it seemed very easy to move around the game boards and target enemies effectively. A very good mouse for gaming if you have small hands.

In all, I give the Logisys 4 Directional LED mouse a 5 out of 10. It has good looks and style but lacks that extra punch. It is very sensitive and easy to use. I would simply recommend a larger size, lose the two small triangles that extend from the scroll wheel and add the extra features of the back and forward internet navigation buttons. Not a horrible product, but I will stick with my MX 500. It may not have the flashy looks as this one does, but it fits me and my computing style better.

Robs Add-in: This is a mouse with serious potential, but could be improved greatly with minor tweaks. The mouse is being touted as ‘The Curve’, however there is too much curve for it to feel comfortable. It may have a good feel if you have really small hands, however most adults would find the shape and size less than desirable. Sometimes being innovative with your products means some turn out fantastic and others not so much. Kudos to Logisys either way for putting out unique products to tingle our geek sense.

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