Logisys Acrylic Yin Yang Case

by Rob Williams on July 29, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Logisys has recently released a new slew of cases, the Yin Yang series. These cases are acrylic and completely see through, but sport the cool Yin Yang design. Let’s take a deeper look at this case!

Page 3 – Conclusion

The second problem is even more bizarre than the previous one. When installing my CD-Rom and HDD Cooler into the drive bays, I found that the holes in the case, did not align with the holes in the hardware. *If* I were to align the holes and secure it that way, the front bay door would no longer close. They are sitting in there unsecured for the time being, so that the door can be shut.

The third problem is not a big deal really. With the huge CPU cooler I have installed, the left part of the side panel cannot be installed. The reason for this is the placement of the fan on the door. If the fan was removed, the door could be installed fine.

Overall, installation was not fun. Some of my smaller issues could have been avoided if I was thinking, but didn’t happen. It really confuses me as to why the drive bay holes don’t align properly with the CD-Rom though. It makes me wonder if the case was tested prior to completion.

Addendum: Since this review was complete, I mentioned these problems to Logisys, and they are recalling the cases and replacing them with completely fixed versions. All the issues I encountered will not be existent in a case you will buy.

Performance and Conclusion

Performance wise, this case is pretty good. The airflow is sufficient, and gave me pretty good temps. The front case fan sucks cool air in to blow over your HDD’s, while the rear fan acts as an exhaust. During normal use, my CPU temperature was a steady 38ºC – 39ºC. After running Prime95 for 30 minutes, the CPU hit a high of 55ºC. The average case temperature was 45ºC.

When I first received this case, I could not wait to tear it open and install everything. This is by far one of the most gorgeous cases I’ve seen in awhile, and it’s a great size. When I ran into problems, it was definitely disheartening. I was very glad to hear that Logisys is in the process of fixing all the mentioned problems though. They are recalling every case, and will send out a fresh batch in a few weeks.

Even though my specific case had problems, once things are fixed up, it will definitely earn a 9/10 and Editors Choice award. Logisys will be sending me the pieces I need to fix the case as well, so I will be able to install everything properly.

Therefore, this case is definitely one I’d recommend. It’s very solid and well-built. It has great airflow and looks awesome, especially in the dark. If I was in the market for a new case personally, this would be my first choice, now that I’ve seen it in person, so definitely check it out.

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