Logisys Copper GPU Heatsink

by Rob Williams on March 24, 2005 in Cooling

For overclockers who really want to get an extra punch out of their GPU.. a stock cooler doesn’t usually do it justice. Copper Heatsinks are becoming more and more popular, and Logisys has joined that bandwagon. Does their Copper cooler improve on a stock cooler?

Close Look

Here is a closer view of the Cooler. As you can see.. the fan looks kind of lonely without some type of logo; A Logisys logo would have been nice! The cooler has a great design though, and you can see the side view of it, just how well designed it is.

The Cooler is well polished and clean looking. It weighs 320gm, so it’s definitely not a lighter cooler. It’s much heavier than the stock cooler, so I was hoping it would be secure enough on the card.

It’s very hard to tell, but the cooler has a plastic front that says “Logisys”. The fan is also clear, and sports a blue LED, which I will have more pictures of later in the review.


Now that we have all of our components ready, it’s time to install this thing. The card I am installing this onto is an MSI Radeon 9800 Pro. Here is what the card looks like Stock.

First step, is to remove your current Stock Heatsink. Mine was an incredible pain in the ass to remove, due to two of the small plastic mounts that held it in place. I had to take my knife to them to get them off. Most times, simply squeezing them with your fingers will remove it.. but these ones were stubborn. After the Heatsink was finally take off, I was left with my beautiful green PCB.

Rob Williams

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