Logisys Copper GPU Heatsink

by Rob Williams on March 24, 2005 in Cooling

For overclockers who really want to get an extra punch out of their GPU.. a stock cooler doesn’t usually do it justice. Copper Heatsinks are becoming more and more popular, and Logisys has joined that bandwagon. Does their Copper cooler improve on a stock cooler?


Overall, this is a great product. Logisys has an impressive products inventory, and it’s nice to see that they have released an item such as this. Of course, Logisys tries to shove LED’s wherever possible, so this adds to the cool factor on this product.

If you are looking to get better performance from your video card, and more stability, I recommend you give this a try. The great price, around $24.99US, it makes this product a great value also. Thanks to Grace from Logisys for sending us the product for review!


  • Great looking
  • Better, more stable performance
  • Blue LED
  • Very easy to install

  • Very heavy
  • Copper heatsinks too hard to remove
  • Heatsink doesn’t feel *that* tight

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