Logisys Janus Case

by Rob Williams on March 1, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Logisys has really been building up their line of modding products with great stuff. With each new case they release, it always seems to improve on their previous ones, in both accessibility, as well as style. The Janus case is certainly no exception.. this case is great. What’s so great about it, and how does it compare to other cases out there?

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  • Dimension:200mm(W)x440(H)x500mm(D)=7.9″x17.3″x19.8″
  • Fits All standard ATX motherboard and Micro ATX motherboards
  • 4 open 5.25″ drive bays
  • 2 open 3.5″ drive bays
  • 4 hidden 3.5″ drive bays
  • A total of 10 bays
  • Built-in 2 front USB 2.0+Audio Input/Output
  • 1 Fire wire Connector
  • Back Mounted 120mm clear fan and 80mm Blue LED fan. Also, a blade fan grill is included
  • Patented Meshed Metal Side Panel
  • This case comes with an ATX 480watts power supply
  • Tool less Thumb Screws

I was looking forward to reviewing the Janus, because I was impressed with it’s cool style. When receiving it, and seeing it in front of me though, I became even more impressed with it. Some things just look better in front of you, rather than in a picture, and this is one of those things.


The case comes with four open 5.25″ bays, which is plenty unless you have multiple CD/DVD-ROMs or other peripherals. If you are still a user of the old school Floppy drive, there is room for two of those as well. For those who have a RAID setup, there is sufficient room for 4 HDDs. Even with four HDD’s installed, you will still have sufficient breathing room. If you have HDD cooling devices, I can not guarantee that they will fit smooth, as I didn’t have one to test with. However, if you do use HDD cooling, you should be able to tell from the photos if they will fit or not.

The case comes equipped with two front USB 2.0 jacks. They are located at the very bottom of the case, and works great if you are using it for a Gamepad, Digital Camera or similar device. They have also taken care of your Firewire needs.. there’s one of those there as well. To finish it off, there are also Audio Input and Output jacks. If you have a Mic or Headphones and your speakers don’t have the sufficient jacks, then you will love this. If you don’t intend to use any of the front jacks, you can simply keep the door in the front closed, and you would never know they are there. But if you do use them, simply clicking in the door will allow you quick access to them.

A definite plus to the case, is that it comes with two pre-installed fans, both of which can be un-installed easily. There is a back mounted huge 120mm clear fan, that really helps give a great amount of cooling throughout the entire case. I’ve never had a case with such a large fan before, but it did seem to bring down cooling a few degrees Celsius. There is also an 80mm clear fan, with built-in blue LED’s, that is mounted into the window side of the case. When your computer is turned on, the blue will emit through the emblem, giving a very cool effect.


I didn’t have one problem installing any of the hardware in the case, everything slid in seamlessly. However, getting some of your cards back out may be a problem. The back panels where you install all of your cards, are guarded by two little notches, that are there to hold the back end together, at least that area. I had a very difficult time getting my video card back out, due to the notch getting in the way. I had the same problem a little lower down with my sound card. Since the notch is located right where your cards are, you must push your cards in odd angles in order to get it back out. It wasn’t a huge problem, but if I was a little more forceful with the cards, I am sure I could have done some damage to them. Other than that, everything else about the installation and removal afterwards was great.

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