Logisys Janus Case

by Rob Williams on March 1, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Logisys has really been building up their line of modding products with great stuff. With each new case they release, it always seems to improve on their previous ones, in both accessibility, as well as style. The Janus case is certainly no exception.. this case is great. What’s so great about it, and how does it compare to other cases out there?

Performance, Conclusion

Now to test this baby out. The case was tested out using an AMD 2600+ XP, MSI KT4V-L Mobo, 2 * 512MB DDR400, 3 WD 200GB HDD’s, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb, Lite-on DVD-RW, Lite-on CD-RW and a 400W basic power supply. Since the review case did not come with a power supply, I used the one I had handy instead. Note though, if you do purchase the case, you get a generic 480W PSU.

AMD CPU’s, especially mine seem to be overly hot regardless of how much I try to cool them, so I am not greatly impressed, or surprised at the results I found. At idle state, the CPU hovered around 118ºF (48ºC), and the case kept a steady 104ºF (40ºC). This is a little cooler than the plain jane case it was in prior, which was around 125ºF (52ºC). At peak time, the CPU maxed out at 132ºF (56ºC) and the case at 107.6ºF (42ºC). I will note that I did not have a special CPU cooler, but the Heatsink and Fan were the stock ones that came with the CPU. The cooling was not amazing, but it’s nowhere near dangerous either. I was expecting a rather decent improvement because of the 120mm fan mounted in the back, but it didn’t seem to do that much. Overall, the temperatures were better than when the components were in the plain Jane case, so any improvement is welcomed.

As you can see with the above picture, I am not the neatest when it comes to installing everything. Ignoring that, the installation and fit of everything is perfect. The metal guards that are kept in the slots for your cards, can be removed and put back. So if you install a card, then later remove it, you can easily put the guard back in place. This is appreciated, as it is stopping dust from getting in that way. It also helps the back of the computer look cleaner.

As noted earlier, the case comes with an blue LED fan inside the mesh window. That’s not the only LED light in this case however. You can see in the front of the case, there is another blue LED in behind the mesh, which looks awesome at night time. It’s a great shade of blue, and shining through the black mesh is very cool. Also, if you open up your bay door, the LED will shine up on them, so that you can see what you are doing in the dark. This is also a very cool addition.


Overall, I really love this case. It has the design and style that’s suitable for gamers, and will definitely add life to your computer room. The case is well designed, and installation was great, except for the minor problem of having a hard time of un-installing your cards. The pre-installed blue LEDs and the fans add to the great look of the case. Also, since the case comes with a 480W PSU as well, it really does make this case worth the money at a base price of $89.99US.

If you are looking for a new case to really that has great style and features, I recommend you check out this case. Thanks to Grace and Logisys for sending us the case for review!

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