Logisys LED Fan Mouse

by Jen McPherson on March 21, 2005 in Peripherals

Do you have a hard time playing intense games for hours at a time, due to holding the mouse with your sweaty paws is impossible? Logisys tries to answer this gripe by throwing a fan smack dab in the mouse. Is this mouse as cool as it looks?

Page 1 – Introduction


  • Optical 800dpi Mouse with Cooling Fan
  • USB and PS2 Combination.
  • Switch: 60+/-15gf
  • Ergonomic Optical Design, Exact Orientation
  • Support Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP
  • Plug and Play. No Driver needed.
  • Integrated with Blue LED
  • Safety and Quality Approval: CE FCC


The packaging is simple and efficient, showcasing the mouse nicely. The reverse side shows the specifications, which are listed above, and the colors it is available in. The Cool Fan Mouse comes in four colors; red, blue, black and silver. This particular mouse is the red version. It is stylish and smooth, with silver chrome like accents along with the metallic red.

Taking the mouse out of the package I note that it has a nice long cord length and plug in that is compatible with a USB port and also a PS2 port, with the PS2 port easily removable. I installed it quickly and easily into my USB port and began working immediately.

The lighting the mouse has is very nice, with a vivid blue LED, and when you move the mouse the red optical light activates, causing the entire mouse to light up, a very cool effect. The mouse is very sleek.. but since it is really smooth, it feels a bit slippery in the hand. It fits into the palm of the hand well but I find it to be small compared to the mouse I am use to. Being that it’s an optical mouse it moves smoothly on, or off the mouse pad. The scroll wheel is wide and beveled, which makes it comfortable and easy to use.


Turning on the fan is simple enough, with the switch located on the top right bottom side of the mouse. At first it feels a little strange, for the air on the palm is not something I’m use to. The fan is audible but not overly, so and you can feel it working when your holding the mouse. It makes the mouse vibrate slightly, also adding to the strange feel. The fan blows air gently; It’s cool and feels nice on the hand. I continue to use the mouse, playing World of Warcraft for four and a half hours non stop. Not once did I get a sweaty palm.

Yet, I did however get a numb hand. The slight vibration the fan causes inside the mouse takes some getting use to, and for me after a while it made my hand feel as if it had fallen asleep. I shut the fan off and then used it for about an hour. Using it without the fan is easy enough and although my hand did get warm I did not get a sweaty palm either. The vents on the mouse help keep air circulated even when the fan is not on, which is nice.

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