Logisys Silver Case-51

by Rob Williams on March 10, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Last week, we reviewed the Janus case from Logisys Computer. But what if that case is too much for you? What about a somewhat normal case that’s not beige? That’s where the Case-51 case comes in. It offers a standard case, with some flair, and for a good price. Let’s check to see how it made out in our review!

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Looking closer at the front of the case, we can see the two huge alien eyes, which are really bright blue LED lights. We will get into that more later on. We can see in the front that there is a little alien head, which is really the power button. Below that is obviously the reset button. The front of the case certainly was designed well, I am very impressed with it. Side by side, there is also what the case looks like when the LED lights are on.

When you take a look inside the case, you will quickly find out that there is a LOT of room. Up top, there is plenty of room for your four CD-RW/DVD-RW/Fan Controller or whatever else will fit in a 5.25″ spot. Below that, is plenty of room for 5 Hard Drives, with sufficient space for cooling.

There is also plenty of wiring. The wires are there to hook to your motherboard, including the power and resets, as well as the connections for the front USB and Audio ports. The Blue/White wire with the Molex connector at the end is what hooks up the front LED lights to your power supply. Sadly, the wire for the LED’s do not have a dual molex end, so it will take up one spot of your PSU without giving you another. Also quickly looking at the back of the case, you can see they have included Thumbless Screws for easy removal of the side covers.

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