Logisys Silver Case-51

by Rob Williams on March 10, 2005 in Cases & PSUs

Last week, we reviewed the Janus case from Logisys Computer. But what if that case is too much for you? What about a somewhat normal case that’s not beige? That’s where the Case-51 case comes in. It offers a standard case, with some flair, and for a good price. Let’s check to see how it made out in our review!

Page 4 – Performance

Time to test the performance of this puppy. Not performance per se, but more of temperature checks. For the sake of comparison, I will use the recently reviewed Ultra Wizard’s temps, against the Case-51. The system specs are: AMD 2600+ XP, MSI KT4V-L Mobo, 2 * 512MB DDR400, 2 WD 200GB HDD’s, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb, Lite-on DVD-RW, Lite-on CD-RW and a 400W basic power supply. The results are as follows:

To perform the tests, the computer was left on during normal activity for a few hours. After that point, 3D Mark ’03 was run in a loop of 3 times to heat up the GPU. 3D Mark ’05 was then done, due to boredom, in another loop of 3 to make my 9800 Pro card plead for mercy.

As ‘basic’ as this case may be, it sure kicked ass in the cooling department. The CPU in the Case-51 at the lowest state was 14ºC lower than the Ultras lowest state. It easily scored better in all the tests.. I am quite impressed. Since the cooling was so good, I decided to push my overclocking limit higher. I was able to increase the Core and Mem enough to increase my 3D Mark ’03 score by 200 points. However, I won’t list the rates here as it’s not safe on air, which is all I have. I play foolishly.


At first look of this case, I didn’t know if I would like it that much. Being so used to a side window, it’s harder to get used to a case without one. However, to keep things simple and prices relatively low, the windows not there, so that’s a valid reason. Overall, I am very impressed with the case. I would say the price is a little high, but since it comes with a 450W PSU, it’s not so bad.

The cooling is fantastic, and the stylish and sleek alien design is equally impressive. So if you are looking for a great case at a good price, I highly recommend the Case-51 from Logisys. Thanks to Grace from Logisys for sending this to us for review!

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