Logisys T-Coupe Mouse

by K. Samwell on August 8, 2007 in Peripherals

Have you ever wanted to drive a TVR Tuscan? Chances are you can’t, but Logisys has the next best thing in the form of a mouse. We are taking their T-Coupe for a spin to see how well it handles.

Boy I’d love to get my hands on a sportscar. If you would too, here’s an inexpensive, fun option from Logisys – the T-Coupe Mouse. This mouse is perfect for your laptop, your kids, or just showing off. A high performance mouse disguised as a high performance car, how ingenious.

Timing can be everything.

I recently received these Logysis T-Coupe Mice to review and on the day I sat down to start putting one through its paces, my cordless mouse died on boot up. Here I sat, unable to log in as I could not seem to get my cursor to move, and I thought, hey, lets plug in the USB mouse to see if it will automatically recognize it! It did! A good first impression I must admit, saving me from having to track down batteries for my cordless when I was already comfy in my chair with coffee at hand.

The second good impression, and this may seem trivial to some but crucial to others was the packaging. These were packaged in pop out blister packs meaning they’re in the type that have little tabs allowing you to open the package without inciting the dreaded packaging rage. I was able to pop open the package, retrieve the mouse and its cord, and reclose the package without destroying a single piece of it!

Before I go on, let me give you the specs of these mice.

  • USB
  • Accurate to 80 0 DPI
  • PC & Apple compatible
  • Ergonomic compact design
  • LED lighting
  • Three buttons with scroll wheel
  • Chrome style wheels… yes it actually says that on the package

I received three, all equal in shape which is one of the most important aspects of a mouse. These are small mice but not the micro’s you usually associate with laptop mice. These are both left and right hand ready (thankfully) and where you rest the heel of your hand on the desk instead of the mouse itself, the shape of the roof and the placement of the buttons on the hood actually make for a comfortable initial feel.

We’ll see how my hand feels in a week of full time use.

Oh and don’t let me forget, I have to admit, these look awesome. I unpacked the silver one, because it’s probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to putting my hands on an Aston Martin Vanquish… which it kinda resembles.

Ok two days of use, and I miss my thumb button already. In fact, I think the doors on the car could have easily been thumb buttons (left or right depending on what you need) with little impact on the cost of the item itself.

I’m still getting used to its tracking speed, it’s zippy! This is an optical mouse so obviously faster & more accurate than an old school ball mouse. I was surprised when I shut down my PC that the LED head & brake lights did not power off, but it did leave an eerie blue glow in the darkened room.

While the USB cord is amply long enough, I would have designed the cord to disconnect from the mouse itself for easy storage and post-use cool factor.

After two weeks use, I had to swap back to my uber ergo cordless mouse. Not that my hand cramped or anything, but I quite frankly missed my thumb button too much, and was hampered by the cord. To be fair, I haven’t used a corded mouse or keyboard in years, so this was a tough transition for me, but if you’re used to the cords, these will not hamper your performance.

Speaking of performance, these mice are on par with other Logitech products and if I was only a casual computer user, I would not hesitate to use these, however for someone who is on her computer more than she is off, their smaller size was a bit of a detriment. That being said, these would be ideal mice for kids, teenagers and naturally, racing fans everywhere.

8/10 with debits for lack of thumb button, my thumb felt so neglected…

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