Logitech Cordless Desktop S 510 Media Remote

by Rob Williams on September 5, 2005 in Peripherals

If you have a media PC, you know that things could be made easier, had you have the right equipment. Or, do you have a regular PC but want a cool way to be able to control music while not at your desk? The S 510 Media Keyboard is a set that’s complete with a remote control. Let’s jump right into the review to see how great this set is.

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One of the biggest reasons most people will want to check out this set, is because of the included Remote Control. Since Logitech already manufacturers the successful Harmony remotes, they know what they are doing. They did a fantastic job on this remote, and it’s a perfect fit for your HTPC.

The remotes sleek design allows for a comfortable fit in your hand, making navigation through the various menus within the MediaLife software a breeze. Even though I don’t use an HTPC, it was easy to see how well designed this remote was. It contains 21 buttons, but some perform more than one action.

While in Windows, you can simply click the Media button to launch the MediaLife software. You can use the scroll wheel on the remote to navigate throughout the menus, and it can even be pushed to the left and right for even easier navigation. Below the wheel is an ‘Ok’ button, and the ‘Back’ button is located above it.

The lower buttons on the remote are the usual media play buttons, including back, next, pause and so on. On the left side of the remote are the volume buttons.. one for adjusting it, the other to mute. Opposite those buttons, are Zoom and Rotate buttons, which are meant to be used in your picture viewing. If you intend to play music on your PC, you have three preset keys to which you can assign playlists. Like the set you are currently listing to? Click the respective button and it will save that playlist to it. Whenever you want to listen to it again, simply click the button.

If you don’t have the mouse handy, the remote has a few more buttons to make things easier. There is the Application Switcher, which acts as an Alt+Tab to navigate through all open programs. You also can Maximize and Restore your current application window, and even close it instantly if you wish.

Lastly, and this really helps with your HTPC, is the sleep button. One click, and your PC will get some shuteye. Push it again, and it wakes up and you are good to go again.

I am quite impressed with the remote and keyboard. They are very well designed, and easy to use. Most importantly though, they are also very comfortable, and I did not feel any strain on my hands and arms while using them. Although the mouse does it’s job, I would have loved a more contoured design to fit the hand better. As mentioned though, I’m sure Logitechs reasoning was that it will work with both Left and Right handed users.. which it will. So if you are a lefty, you have nothing to worry about.

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