Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard

by Rob Williams on September 28, 2006 in Peripherals

Hardcore gamer? Then you probably are on the lookout for any product that will help you tweak your skill further, and maybe gain an advantage over the competition. If the G15 proves too expensive, or you don’t like the LED screen, this one may be up your alley.

Page 1 – Introduction

Logitech made quite a splash last year with the release of their G15 gamers keyboard. Though most companies will label their products for “gamers”, this one actually did cater specifically to the hardcore crowd.

The most notable feature on the G15 that helped it sell was the LCD screen. At a time when people couldn’t get enough of the Optimus OLED vapor keyboard, Logitech released these and it quickly became the “next best thing”. Luckily, it turned out to be a great keyboard for gamers and modders alike, thanks to it’s rich software. But, we are not looking at the G15. That was Gregs job a few weeks ago.

We are instead taking a look at the G11, which is essentially the G15 sans an LCD screen. Fair enough! Not much of a difference, but I was interested to see how I enjoyed the keyboard over how Greg enjoyed his G15.

Closer Look

One thing that I noticed quick was how heavy the box was. I have handled many Logitech keyboards in the past, but this one was far heavier than anything prior. Added to this neat fact is that the only thing in the box -was- the keyboard. The software and jazz was kept seperate as this was a pre-release version. So… I knew before I even looked at it that it was a sturdy board.

Here it is in all of it’s sturdy glory. I have to say, this keyboard is much larger than I expected it to be. Granted, it has more buttons than most keyboards out there… so maybe I am just that naive. It’s so large… it has carrying handles?

The layout of the keyboard is similar to others, but the main difference is the 18 extra buttons to the left. Scattered around are a few more, but I will get to those shortly. I don’t have a complaint about the layout per se, but I will get into the facts later in how I decided it’s not quite for me.

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