Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

by Greg King on February 27, 2007 in Peripherals

When it comes to racing wheels, the choices are slim. Today we take out Logitech’s G25 for a test drive to see if it can live up to our expectations. With stainless steel and real leather, it’s off to a fast start but can it deliver where it counts… in the games?

Page 1 – Introduction

As a computer enthusiast, what do you look for in your hardware? For some, gaming is all they use their PC for aside from the occasional round with the internet. For others, all they require from their PC is to be a quality, stable workstation day in and day out. Regardless what you use your computer for, if you take any pride at all in what you do, you can appreciate a quality product. One company who has been producing quality peripherals so as long as many can remember is Logitech.

Founded in 1981, Logitech has built up an incredible amount of steam over the years and has used this momentum to research and develop hardware that meets, and more often than not, exceeds expectations. As Techgage nears its second birthday, we look back across our history and it’s apparent that we have taken a lot of looks at Logitech products. Most of these reviews have covered keyboards and mice, but that in no way implies that Logitech only produces those peripherals. With almost every segment of the gaming community represented in their portfolio, Logitech has the gaming communities’ back.

On the bench today, we have their flagship racing wheel, the G25. Keeping with the same naming scheme of the G-series, the G25 fits directly into Logitech’s gaming hardware lineup. While they offer other wheel setups, the G25 brings style and functionality to the game room. Using real leather on the wheel and shifter, the G25 appears to be the class of the racing peripherals… affordable ones that is. While I will never claim to be a racing sim expert, I can appreciate a good racing game and thoroughly enjoy them from time to time.

The Goods

Logitech shipped the G25 to us in its retail packaging. The first thing we noticed was the weight of the package. Once out of the shipping box, the box just screams Logitech. With their standard aqua-marine and black color scheme, there is no doubt who made this wheel. The packaging provides more than enough information about the wheel and anyone who might be eyeing this in a retail store should be able to make a thorough decision with the provided info.

Once past the packaging, we get to the goods. The G25 is made up of three pieces of hardware. Just as there are three primary parts to control in a real car, Logitech has taken these and built the G25 around them. Included with the G25 is the driver (no pun intended) disk, a game demo of rFactor as well as a press kit for us at the shop. Also included is a pair of manuals.

Manuals and software won’t do much good without the actual wheel however, so let’s now take a look.

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