Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

by Greg King on February 27, 2007 in Peripherals

When it comes to racing wheels, the choices are slim. Today we take out Logitech’s G25 for a test drive to see if it can live up to our expectations. With stainless steel and real leather, it’s off to a fast start but can it deliver where it counts… in the games?

The Pedals & Installation

Following the theme of the entire piece, the pedals are also made with a sturdy feeling plastic and metal where it should be. Using stainless steel for the pedals and held in place with pneumatic pistons, the overall feel is one of ruggedness. Using raised plastic on the pedals and rubber feet on the bottom of the base to ensure a sticky grip on any hardwood or tiled floor, the G25’s pedals are built with all users in mind. The resistance of each pedal is right where it should be as well.

The gas pedal is the easiest to push down and the brake requires firm pressure. With the clutch somewhere in the middle as far as force required to depress it, the pedals are spot on to what it feels like in an actual car.

As stated earlier, pedals are designed to stick to both carpeted and smooth surfaces. On the outside edge of the pedals are rubber feet to grip smooth floors and stick in place when in a race. To aid in keeping the unit in place on carpet is Logitech’s unique carpet grip system that is basically just a strip with spikes on it. It can be retracted into the base when the pedals are placed on a smooth floor and then rotated out when in use on carpeted rooms.


The installation of the G25 is straight forward and exceptionally easy. On the underside of the wheel, there are connections for the pedals and shifter to connect together. Also located here is the power connector. To reduce confusion, one connector is male and the other two, well the other two were females… err, the other one is a female connector. There are also cable routes to run the cables in, allowing the wheel to sit flat on the desk.

Once installed, all that is needed is to plug the G25 into your PC via a USB cable that runs out of the bottom of the wheel itself.

It should also be mentioned that the G25 can be mounted onto a racing frame using what appears to be quarter inch bolts. While not included, these can be found at any hardware store and would provide maximum stability. These mounting holes can be found on each piece.

Once installed, the G25 is ready to rock and roll on the desk…

… All we need now are some games.

NVIDIA Destiny 2