Logitech G5/G7/G15 Preview

by Rob Williams on August 11, 2005 in Peripherals

Logitech has once again announced that they are releasing some killer gaming peripherals that you must check out. Ever since the MX1000, people have been wanting a Laser based gaming mouse, and here it is! They have also announced an amazing gaming keyboard equipped with an LCD. Read on to learn all about it.

Logitech G7

The Logitech G7 Cordless Mouse delivers extreme cordless performance with a 2000 dpi laser engine for blinding speed and precision response. The G7s full-speed, bi-directional USB connection sends a blazing 500 reports/second* over 2.4 GHz wireless for a bulletproof connection. Dead batteries wont stop you mid-mission, thanks to a five-level power indicator and twin hot-swappable Li-ion battery packs that recharge while youre racking up points.

If you like what you see with the G5, but hate cords, then the G7 may be for you. It’s similar in a lot of ways to the G5, with a few exceptions. Looking at the specifics, this mouse definitely one-ups the MX1000.

The mouse itself, just looks gorgeous. The Silver/Blue glossy look definitely works. This mouse has exactly the same styling as the G5, same buttons and design. Unlike the G5 though, it does not have the included weight cartridge. This is due to the fact that the battery pack is taking up the room that the cartridge would occupy.

This brings up another smart move by Logitech. Firstly, the mouse battery indicator has five levels of indication, so you will know in advance when the battery will die. The smart move is that they provide not one, but TWO separate battery packs. While one pack is plugged into the base, it will charge it fully, with two separate modes, Boost and Full. Boost is faster, but is not USB compliant. When the battery in your mouse dies though, you quickly remove it, take the other battery out of the charger, and replace it. That way you will not have to go without the mouse at any time.

This mouse proves to be much more responsive due to the 2.4GHz frequency it uses. This comes in the form of a USB add-on, that looks like a thumb drive. You plug this into the base, and it gives you the frequency needed. They call this “Bulletproof”, and you should experience ZERO lag and interference.

The mouse contains the same DPI quick switching as the G5, and also the super smooth Polytetrafluoroethylene feet. Personally, I found the MX1000 to be a fantastic mouse, but not so much for gaming. I am very interested to see if the G7 will prove my skepticism wrong. The G7 will retail for approx. $99.99US

Other Specs: Image Processing: 6.4 megapixels/second, Max. Acceleration: 20g, Max. Speed: 4565 inches/second
(depending on surface), USB Report Rate: 500 reports/second, No Sleep Mode.

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