Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse

by Rob Williams on April 12, 2005 in Peripherals

How do you make a mouse more precise than ever? Use a new technology of course! We review the Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse, which they promise to be 20 times as accurate as Optical. We put it to the tests, so check it out!

Page 3 – Functionality

As you could see from the button configuration in the picture on the previous page, this mouse has a lot of functionality. Like most of the higher end mice, the Left and Right mouse buttons streamline into the shape of the mouse. Rather than the buttons be seperate pieces, they are one with the mouse. One thing that really impressed me, was how smooth using the mouse wheel was. I’ve never used a mouse with the wheel being this ‘loose’, it’s extremely smooth.

Another special feature of the wheel, is that you can also click it to the Left and Right to scroll. So, if you are viewing a webpage, or an Excel spreadsheet that stretches right off your page, you will find this feature quite useful. It’s the first mouse to my knowledge that allows this. Also surrounding the wheel, is another button to scroll up and down. Unlike the wheel though, you can click these to scroll up or down very quickly. If you set these to the fastest speed, you can get from the top of a site or page, to the bottom very quickly.

The functionality just begins there. To the left of the mouse, where your thumb rests, are a couple more buttons. You have a Back and Forward button, that just act as that. Browsing the web, you can click them to go back or forward a page. When going through your computers folders, they also have the same functionality. As with a few other recent Logitech mice, the Application Switcher app is found here as well.

There is no lack of buttons or other functionality. The buttons like Back/Forward/Scroll Up/Scroll Down in reality, replaces keyboard shortcuts, so now you can do these things more efficiently.

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