Logitech MX3000 Cordless Desktop

by Rob Williams on January 10, 2006 in Peripherals

There’s no shortage of keyboards and mice to choose from when you are looking for a purchase. Today we are taking a look at a combo that should prove perfect for media buffs; even better if you have an HTPC!

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Overall, this is quite a great setup, especially for the low price of $65US. Sadly though, this is one combo that has it’s share of issues. I have used many wireless Logitech products without many problems, but this is where that ball stops.

The base for this set is questionable, because I did not only have problems with one of the products, but both. In last months review of the MX610, Matt pointed out that the mouse had the tendancy to fall asleep far quicker than it should. The MX600 shared the same problem, and I found it would also be sticky during normal use, at times. This is not really a small issue, because in this day in age, I expect to never see those problems.

Many people who already use wireless peripherals will likely know what it’s like to have the batteries die without warning. Keys you press on the keyboard will not show up on the screen, or at least they are far and few between I had this problem the very first night of using the keyboard, so I figured that the batteries that Logitech included may have just been duds. I switched to some new batteries that I bought at the store, only to find out that the problem did not diminish at all.

I blame the base once again. The reason is because that the problems experienced are nonexistant if you point the peripherals directly at it. Like many people, I have a desk that has a pull-out keyboard tray, and my PC tower sits right beside it. In order for the best signal, I had to keep the base at the front of my case.

I found this to be rediculous, because I have no such issues with the MX3100. With that kit, I could literally go in my driveway and still have either peripheral work as if I was in front of the PC. Since most of Logitechs wireless lineup are universal with their bases, I decided to test both the MX3000 and MX600 with the base that came with the MX3100 combo.

Sure enough, both products worked *perfectly*. The keyboard never had an issue, and the mouse didn’t even fall asleep on me. Chances are, I could have received a buggy base. Either way though, if you are to purchase this set, you will want to make sure they you have a clear pathway for the signal to reach the base.

In spite of those bizarre issues with the base, this is still a great kit. The keyboard is one of the finest that I have used, and the mouse is not so bad either. If you are a gamer, this set may still be worth your buy for the keyboard alone because of the superb price, but the MX600 is definitely not a gamers choice.

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