Logitech MX3100 Keyboard/Mouse Combo

by Rob Williams on May 26, 2005 in Peripherals

Looking for a quality cordless Keyboard/Mouse set? Logitech released the MX3100 a few months back, which includes the ultra precise MX1000 laser mouse, in addition to a keyboard with tons of functionality. Read on to see if the MX3100 is all it’s cracked up to be.

Page 3 – MX1000

The functionality continues on the left side of the keyboard. There are multiple buttons to help you navigate easier. The Application Switcher is here, as well as a Close button. If you have a window or application open that you wish to close, you can click the button, to rid it quickly. There’s also a button which acts as an Enter, which I didn’t find that much use in, but you may disagree.

Above those buttons, are more buttons used for scrolling. You can use the wheel to scroll at your own speed, or use the Scroll Up/Down buttons to scroll a lot quicker. Another useful function, is the Zoom buttons. If you are browsing a website, and the text is too small, you can click the Zoom to make it larger. Once finished reading, you can hit the % button, to return it to a 100% view.


This mouse has well earned it’s title as one of the most precise mice in the world. This is the same MX1000 as we reviewed last month, except this version features the same color scheme as the MX3000. As I said, the mouse is incredibly precise, and is a blast to use. It contours well to the hand, so there’s never a feeling of discomfort.

The MX1000 is still the only commercial mouse to use the Laser technically, which is what makes it 20x more accurate than the standard optical mice we are used to using. Other than it’s good looks and feel, it also packs a lot of functionality as well. The left thumb rest houses the Back and Forward buttons, as well as the Application Switcher. The scroll wheel also scrolls left to right, in addition to up and down. Just like on the keyboard, the mouse also has the Scroll Up and Down buttons, to make navigating up and down a page extremely quick.

For a more in-depth look at the mouse itself, be sure to check out last months review.


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