Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

by Rob Williams on March 17, 2005 in Peripherals

Are you a hardcore gamer that still uses the basic, bland mouse? Are you looking to add improvements to your gameplay, so you don’t look like a noob online? Logitech’s MX510 Series of mice are great, but they looked to improv it even more, by adding the ability to change the DPI on the fly. How does this mouse do in our review?


As with any previous Installation with Logitech Mice, it was a pure breeze. The mouse is USB by default, but comes with an USB-PS/2 switch. Installing the software was easy.. installed in a few minutes, and I was ready to go. Below, you can see the installer program informs you about DPI and it’s uses.

Game Detection

During the install, it also informs you about the “Game Detect” feature. With this enabled, it will change some of your profile according to playing a game, or just using Windows. I should also mention that changing the DPI on the mouse, also will change the DPI out of a game. So if you are using Windows, you can increase the mouse speed easily. If someone else who uses the computer finds it too fast, they can decrease it.

Setting your DPI Controls

In here is an option to “Set Notification”, which is supposed to notify you each time you change the DPI. Sadly, I could not get this working, and I am unsure “how” it is supposed to work, via on screen display, or sound. Once I find out about this issue, I will post it in the discuss thread related to this review.

Update: In order to have this work, you must go into your Control Panel, then Sound and Audio options. Under your sounds, there is an option for ‘Logitech SetPoint’, and you can then set the sounds, then this feature will work. There are included sounds in your SetPoint directory.


In order to test the mouse, I did the old school real world tests. I used two of my favorite games to test it with. Prior, I played the games with a Microsoft Optical Mouse and a Logitech MX1000. I was ready to go, I wanted to test this baby!

Counter-Strike Source

Can you really be a gamer, but not have played Counter-Strike? This is one of the games that could benefit from a good gaming mouse, no doubt. It’s not all about rampage and blowing things up.. it’s about strategy, and control.

Here.. I’ll clean the dust out of your eyes.

As I was playing the game, I could not help but smile.. the control felt so perfect. Even without starting a match, I felt I had improved my chances just by using the mouse. But, as usual I figured it was just my mind playing with itself. Err..

Another day at the office.

The control is superb though, I was thoroughly impressed. If you use a MX510, you will know what the controls like, as it’s the same design. Throughout a few matches, I was continually changing the DPI to get a good feel for it. This feature will definitely sell this mouse. You may have the DPI higher as you are running through the level, so that you are able to turn around quick, in case you are getting shot in the back. But if you are one of those foolish campers [kidding], you can turn it way down, so that you will have better control and aim.

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