Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

by Rob Williams on March 17, 2005 in Peripherals

Are you a hardcore gamer that still uses the basic, bland mouse? Are you looking to add improvements to your gameplay, so you don’t look like a noob online? Logitech’s MX510 Series of mice are great, but they looked to improv it even more, by adding the ability to change the DPI on the fly. How does this mouse do in our review?


Unreal Tournament 2004

This is another one of my favorite games hands down. Even after a few years of playing the game, I generally suck online. No matter how much I practice.. I still get 0wned to no end online, and I admit it! I am one of those players who’s Death count is higher than his Kill count! So for this game especially, I was looking forward to seeing how it worked.

You killed Player?

I played multiple online matches with the game. Once again, the control of the mouse is great. Unlike Counter-Strike Source, this game is a super fast paced shooter game. There is not usually that much time for strategy and planning. When playing, I adjusted the DPI often, but most times kept it at 1200. This allowed me to have extremely fast control, since people often shoot you from behind.

So used to this..

I really love to be able to change DPI on the fly. I even noticed it helped quite a bit online here. I found I was getting more kills than usual. There is not much opportunity to want to turn your DPI down low, but even so, this mouse kicked ass during gameplay.


When this mouse was first announced at last weeks CeBIT, I looked forward to seeing if it would deliver like it said it would. Well, it certainly has. From the moment I started using the mouse, I knew it was ‘the’ gaming mouse.

Playing my favorite games was made more enjoyable, due to the extremely precise control. The ability to change your current DPI on the fly is a much welcomed feature, and I found it did make a difference. Especially in games like Counter-Strike where you may want to change it depending on the situation.

If you have a good gaming mouse now, I still recommend this. The bonus of being able to change DPI on the fly is great. However, if you have a MX510, it will be less worth your money, likely. Since the mouse design is identical between the versions, the only reason you would be buying the mouse is for that feature. I think many would agree that $50 doesn’t really justify that feature.

This is a kickass product, and I whole heartedly award it our Editors Choice award. Thanks to Kate from Logitech for sending us this mouse for review! Feel free to discuss this review in our Discussion Thread.

Rob Williams

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