Logitech Squeezebox Boom

by Greg King on March 30, 2009 in Audio & Media

While there’s more competition than ever in the network music player space, Logitech’s Squeezebox division continues to push out products that are both feature-rich and also excel in what they do… not to mention look good. The Boom is the latest product off the line, and as we had hoped, it impresses in many different ways.

Page 1 – Introduction

Every so often, a review sample comes across our desk that forces us re-evaluate the way we interact with our digital library. I first experienced this little over two years ago when we looked at the Slim Devices Squeezebox 3, and it was a game changer. Before working with the Squeezebox, I created CDs and DVDs containing playlists for whatever the occasion called for. In my office, I had a cheap pair of speakers connected to my computer that would let me listen to music while working. The Squeezebox (originally the SliMP3) addressed the need for a way to stream my library of songs to my home entertainment center in the living room.

When Logitech acquired Slim Devices a few months before our original review of the Squeezebox was published, I was optimistic that with the backing of such a large company known for making quality products, Slim Devices would be back with something exciting. Back they were at the 2008 CES with the Squeezebox Duet. By taking what made the original Squeezebox so successful, placing all the controls on a well styled (if iPod influenced) remote and allowing it to interact with multiple base stations, the Duet was a hit and we liked it so much that we named it one of our best of CES products that year.

Taking the next logical step, Logitech/Slim Devices has taken the Squeezebox, added speakers in the form of a pair of 3-inch high-power, long-throw woofers as well as a pair of 3/4-inch high-definition, soft-dome tweeters and called it the Boom. The name conjures up thoughts of an old school boom box and when you look at the Boom, that’s exactly what it looks like. Only the Boom is smaller and I highly doubt that your boom box of yesteryear could stream wireless audio from a networked source.

The Boom has been designed to be a portable media streaming device, extending the Squeezebox’s range well beyond the home entertainment center and into any room in your home as long as you can connect to your wireless network. This opens up almost limitless setups. With the addition of the optional mounting hardware that can be purchased from the Slim Design website, the Boom can be hung under a cabinet in the kitchen, set on the night stand in the bedroom and used as an alarm clock or in my previous example, in the office.

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