Logitech Wireless Music System

by Rob Williams on April 5, 2006 in Audio & Media

Do you wish you had the ability to stream music across your entire house? That’s where the Logitech Wireless Music comes in. It will allow you to play all of your digital music through your home stereo or standalone speakers. Let’s check it out and see if it’s worth your time.

Page 3 – Testing and Conclusion

The entire setup was confusing at first, but all the problems were minor and quick to fix. The first problem I had was that my media player was not using the USB sound driver as the primary. This is because I changed the sound card before I tried testing out the setup. So, I made sure that Windows and Windows Media Player were using the same driver and tried it again.

Everything was good this time around. The sound was coming through my stereo no problem and was just as clear as CD audio. This is where my second problem arose. The remote control playback buttons did absolutely nothing. After a few trips to the base and back, I found out that I was simply not pushing the buttons hard enough. Yes, that is as crazy as it sounds. Even though the buttons would ‘click’, I was not pushing them hard enough. The remote is sort of clunky in this regard.

After these issues were sorted out, everything was working good. One problem I did find is that I could not control the music from other rooms in the house. Even trying to change a song from the very next room would not work. You *must* be in the same room in order for the playback control to work properly. In the end though, the sound quality was fantastic and the initial setup wasn’t too complicated.


This is a good system for anyone who wants to stream music throughout their house… but it’s a clunky one. It’s rather easy to set up and install, but getting your music to work right off the bat is a challenge. Chances are good that you will have to run back and forth in order to get things working properly. I would have liked to see the Music Anywhere software co-operate with the media players a little more. While I test troubleshooting the setup, I was unsure if the receiver was even receiving the signals, so even an on screen display would be nice.

The Wireless Music System is not an inexpensive purchase, so I would have loved to see some additions. Primarily, it would be nice if the software could read current song names and display them on the receiver base. For the price that this setup is going for, a small LCD screen is not asking too much. Also, I would have liked to see the range on the remote be larger and the software more in-depth.

This is a good setup and I can see myself using it often, but the clunkiness holds back from it being truly worth the $130 average price. If a new computer user is going to try to get this working, chances are they will be in for a not-so-fun ride. Even I found myself confused at some points, but most of the issues were at least minor and could be fixed quickly. Overall, I am giving the Wireless Music System a 7 out of 10.

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