Mozilla Firefox Extensions You Should Have!

by Rob Williams on July 15, 2005 in Software

With Firefox growing in popularity, it’s amazing that many people still do not know what Extensions are. We’ll explain what they are and how they are beneficial to your browsing experience. We also have our top 10 list to get you started.

5 – 1, Conclusion

Image Zoom

This one is really self explanatory. If you come across an image that you find too small, you can just right click it and choose to enlarge it. It’s not that crisp when enlarged, because it does not use an actual algorithm to resize it. Rather, it changes the code on the page to show the picture in a larger resolution.

In the end, this is not an incredibly useful extension, but I have found situations where it was needed.

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Want the absolute safest web experience? As many know, JavaScript can lead to serious problems, if the coder is malicious. This is a simple extension that allows you to allow JavaScript only by approved websites. If you are on a site that you trust and need the JS activated, it’s as easy as clicking the “Allow Javascript” from the status bar. Whenever you visit a site that does have JavaScript, the status bar icon will let you know.

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This extension is primarily of use to web developers, or people like me, who try to be. Any page you view, it will show the respective Google Page Rank, as well as the sites Alexa (Global website ranking) in your status bar. It’s also a fun way to get an idea of how popular a site is, as well, or just to see how important the page is to Google.

One other cool feature though, is that when viewing a page, you can right click the Alexa ranking, and use the Related Links option, which will display other popular related sites, according to Alexa.

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Tabbrowser Extensions

There are a few Tab enhancing extensions out there, but I found this to be my favorite. In fact, it’s easily one of my favorite extensions, period. As a whole, it will allow you to completely control your tabs, and add more usability to them. A few things that it allows you to do, is move the tabs around, so they are sorted to your preference.

Close a tab by accident and can’t remember which site you were even viewing? You now have an option to undo that, and it can easily bring it back for you. If you are viewing a few websites, and want to view the same bunch later on, you have the option to bookmark them all at once. It will simply create a new folder in your bookmarks, which you could click with your mouse wheel to open them all at once. I hardly touched the features that the extension gives you, so check this one out for sure.

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Web Developer

If you are a website developer, this tool is invaluable. It will allow you to quickly view source code, outline site elements, and even edit the CSS. When editing the CSS, it will be reflected immediately, so you can quickly see how the results would look. Ever visit a website that Firefox automatically inputs your password for you? I love this feature, but occasionally you will forget the password. Clicking on Forms, then Show Passwords, it will decipher it for you.

Another cool forms feature, is ‘Display Form Details’, which will do just that. It will show you the code behind the forms, so you don’t have to search through the source code. If you are working on a website, but need to know how it looks at a certain resolution, it will allow you to resize the browser window to exactly the dimensions you specify. There are many, many more features as well.

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If you haven’t used Extensions before this article, I hope that you found it useful in learning what they are about. Or, if you have used extensions, maybe I gave you a couple ideas for new ones. All of the extensions I’ve gone through today, are available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Extensions are really a valuable asset to Firefox. It allows us to take a somewhat basic browser, and make it our own. In the picture above, I try to give an idea of what all the extensions mentioned in this article do, and they options they give. It’s apparent that Extensions are extremely useful, so if you don’t use any right now, what are you waiting for?

Questions? Comments? Flames? Feel free to post in our related article thread. We’d love to see what your Firefox extensions include as well, or what you think of the ones I looked at today. You do not need to sign up to post, but it’s welcomed!


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