Mushkin 2GB EM6400 DDR2-800

by Rob Williams on July 28, 2006 in Miscellaneous

With C2D and AM2 out, many are looking for the right DDR2 kit to choose. If you are on a budget, then you will want to check out the Mushkin EM6400, which retail for around $200. Though they are surrounded with a ‘value’ cloak, they deliver surprising overclock-ability.

Page 3 – Sandra, Everest

Throughout all of the graphs, the * represents results from the recently reviewed OCZ SOE PC2-6400 2GB kit. It’s also a value kit, so I used it at stock settings to compare directly to the EM6400. In this instance, we can see the EM6400 cleaning house. I did not expect to break 7000 with these modules, but the graph speaks for itself. Between the 280FSB and 270FSB setting, we can see the extra MHz are no match for the extra FSB.

We use specific Unbuffered settings when it comes to Sandra, that seems to differ from how most people do it. You can check out the specific settings we use here.

Now here’s an interesting spin on things. In the Buffered tests, we seen that the 280FSB was superior to the final 270FSB setting. Completely vice versa here, with an ever greater difference than in the first graph. We even broke through 4,500 Float, which I am still impressed to see.

Everest 3.0

Everest 3.0 is only a month old, but the memory results remain the same between version 2.8 and this new one. As we expected, 280FSB took the crown, almost breaking through 8,700. Here, the EM6400 and OCZ SOE are neck and neck at stock settings.

Speaking of the OCZ SOE… it’s interesting to note the vast difference between the latencies at stock. 3ns is not a small difference! Well, it is, and it isn’t. Confused? Great! At our top frequency, we burst through the 70ns mark, which again, was unexpected.

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