NEC MultiSync 1740CX 17inch LCD

by Rob Williams on February 13, 2006 in Graphics & Displays

Are you looking for a modestly sized LCD monitor, that rolls in at a good price and really delivers the picture quality you want? We are taking a look at a 17" monitor from NEC that offers quite a bit in a relatively small package.

Resolution, OnScreen Display

The monitor has dual inputs as already mentioned, one analog and one digital. If you have two computers connected to the one monitor, you can switch between them by pushing the 1/2 button on below the screen. It switches over quickly, and if it sees that nothing else is connected to the other input, it will automatically revert to the way it was. The only sad thing is that if you wish to use the digital input, then you will need to purchase the dual ended DVI cord separately, as this model includes only the analog cable.

As mentioned earlier, the default resolution for this monitor is 1280*1024 @ 60Hz. If you try to run an application lower than this, it will let you know that the picture it not optimized, but will fit the image to your screen accordingly. One huge benefit is that you will not likely have to move the picture in order to fit in your screen properly. If you run the default resolution and the screen is off centered, you can click the Reset button and it will automatically test and align the picture correctly, so you will see no black lines around your screen.

The on screen display offers many options at your disposal. From here, you are able to adjust the brightness, which is at 100% by default. You can also manually adjust your contrast, but there is an option right beside that to do it for you automatically, which worked just great for me. Auto Adjust will reset the screen to fit properly, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. If for some reason the auto adjust doesn’t work correctly, you have the ability to manually adjust it.

Fine is the next option available, which increases the clarity and focus of the picture. I have no idea why you would ever decrease it, personally. If you are using your monitor for a specific purpose other than normal computer use, you can choose from preset color options; 9300/7500/6500 and USER. USER is the default and is what most people would use. Once again though, you have the option to adjust the color yourself if you so wish. Other such options refer to the on screen display and information of the screen, including your serial number. The menu overall is very easy to navigate, and all the options you really need are there. Most will apply only if you are using an Analog input, as a digital connection should lessen the need for select options.

For those interested in the exact specifications of this display, here you go:


  • Rapid Response technology (8ms)
  • Ambix dual-input technology
  • Enhanced cable management
  • Low power consumption
  • On Screen Manager (OSM)
  • Built-in power supply
  • No Touch Auto Adjust
  • NaViSet software [Not really even supported]
  • Wall/arm mounting capability
  • Adheres to ISO 13406-2 Class II requirements
  • RoHS compliance
  • Energy Star 4.0 compliance

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