NEC MultiSync 1740CX 17inch LCD

by Rob Williams on February 13, 2006 in Graphics & Displays

Are you looking for a modestly sized LCD monitor, that rolls in at a good price and really delivers the picture quality you want? We are taking a look at a 17" monitor from NEC that offers quite a bit in a relatively small package.


This is an LCD that’s easy to like, because it’s a rather good value. NewEgg currently prices the monitor at $279.99US, which is not too bad considering the 8ms response time and digital input. NEC is also a very well known company because of the quality of their products, so you are getting a good buy any way you look at it. I did however find a few select monitors that are slightly cheaper with similar stats, so you will want to keep your options open even after reading this review.

Of course with all good, there is usually some bad. Luckily, nothing is truly bad with this monitor, but some things should be mentioned. The first is that you must separately purchase the Digital input cable if you wish to use the monitor that way. Even with an Analog input though, the picture quality is amazing for the prize range, and I’d be hard pressed to notice a difference between the two either way.

Within a few days of owning the monitor, I found a dead pixel. But then it was gone. Then there again. Then gone again. Yes, I was actually wondering if it was indeed a dead pixel or not, but it certainly was. However, dead pixels have the possibility to correct themselves sometimes, and I haven’t seen it in a few weeks, so I currently use a completely dead pixel free monitor. As with all LCD’s though, not just NEC, getting a dead pixel is not uncommon, but it’s a pain in the rear to get rid of.

If you are looking for a monitor with built-in speakers or TV Tuner, then you will want to look away. The lack of S Video inputs also makes it hard to use it for television use at all, but that’s probably alright with most people out there anyway.

Due to the great picture quality, included features and price, I am awarding the NEC MultiSync 1740CX an 8 out of possible 10. If you purchase this monitor, you will certainly not be regretting it, but still be sure to do your research and comparisons to others. You may be able to get an essentially identical monitor for a little less cash.

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