NVIDIA TITAN RTX Workstation Performance Review

by Rob Williams on July 24, 2019 in Graphics & Displays

NVIDIA’s TITAN RTX means business – and a lot of it. This jack-of-all-trades graphics card caters to those with serious visual computing needs, whether it be designing and rendering 3D scenes, or poring over repositories of photos or other data with deep-learning work.

Page 3 – Rendering: Blender, Radeon ProRender & LuxMark


Blender Classroom Render
Blender Performance - BMW Cycles Render (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)
Blender Performance - Classroom Cycles Render (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)
Blender Performance - The White Room Eevee Render (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)

As we learned during our massive benchmarking run with a Blender 2.80 beta a couple of months ago, NVIDIA’s Turing graphics cards are fast as heck in Blender. It’s no surprise, then, that the TITAN RTX takes a win here, with the 2080 Ti again falling not far behind.

Blender 2.80’s final release is coming very soon, and we’ve already retested a bunch of hardware using the currently available release candidate. We hope to deliver much more in-depth Blender performance not long after 2.80’s launch, so stay tuned for that.

Radeon ProRender

AMD Radeon ProRender - Vehicle Scene
AMD Radeon ProRender Performance - Nissan GT-R Render (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)
AMD Radeon ProRender Performance - Villa Render (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)

We’ve seen multiple times in the past that NVIDIA’s graphics cards are super-strong performers in AMD’s Radeon ProRender, and there hasn’t been an exception made in this testing. While the TITAN RTX didn’t get much of a lead in the villa render against the RTX 2080 Ti, it gained handsomely with the car render.

Unfortunately, ProRender is one application that’s going to skip out of our test suite for a little bit, since the latest version of the plugin (2.5) does not cooperate with our projects, either for CPU or GPU rendering. We’re hoping that with SIGGRAPH up ahead, a 2.6 (or beyond) version will be announced there, and miraculously fix our issues.


LuxMark Thumbnail
LuxMark Performance - Hotel Score (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)
LuxMark Performance - LuxBall Score (NVIDIA TITAN RTX)

We recently wrote that AMD may be EOL’ing its Radeon VII, and in some ways, it’s really too bad the company never marketed it towards the professional market instead. In many ways, it’s a very powerful GPU, and it really struts its stuff with the LuxBall render test here.

When the going gets tougher, such as with the more complex Hotel render, the VII falls behind a bit, giving a strong lead to the top gaming RTX and TITAN RTX cards.

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