NVISION 08: Day 0

by Rob Williams on August 24, 2008 in Trade Shows

We’re in sunny San Jose where NVIDIA’s mega-event, NVISION 08, will soon be in full effect. The event is bringing gamers and developers from all over the world to create what NVIDIA hopes to be the first true visual computing convention. We stepped behind the scenes before the official opening to see how things are being set up.

If you are a frequent reader of our site, then you are probably already well-aware that NVIDIA is hosting their first visual computing show this week, called NVISION 08. Even if you don’t read the site, or even care much about technology, there’s little doubt that everyone around San Jose know that something is going on. In the first photo below, you can see a banner attached to a streetlight, and these are all over the place, and have been for weeks.

NVISION, as we mentioned before, is NVIDIA’s first real convention that features countless events, one being a massive LAN party. As the official homepage states, the event is for gamers, enthusiasts, visual computing professionals, mobile developers, computing developers, finance professionals and researchers. NVIDIA is really trying to cater to a massive crowd here.

The event begins tomorrow officially, and if you are anywhere near the San Jose area, you should consider going. It’s hard to predict just how successful it’s going to be, but there are big names, lots to do and see, on top of taking place in a great environment. There will be hardcore gaming going on constantly, and it’s hard to not want a piece of that.

I had the opportunity to get behind the scenes to see how things are coming along, and so far things are looking fantastic. There are already countless gamers grabbing their name badges and many frantic people running amok trying to get things ready for tomorrow.

The gaming area is huge, with computers all over the place. Most of them right now are for tourney’s, but others are to the side for demos, including ‘3D’ monitors that require special glasses to see the full picture.

Many clans will be represented at the event, with one of our favorites, PMS, being there to strut their stuff. The other big event to be held is the Electronics Sports World Cup, which features players from all over the world competing for a piece of the nice $200,000 prize.

There are not that many demos set up right now, obviously, but there are going to be numerous computers for gamers to test out and probably drool over. 3D monitors are the big thing I saw, so I’m sure there will be constant attendance at those PCs, but we can expect other fun technologies to play around with as well.

That wraps up all of the interesting pictures of the day, but be sure to stay tuned to the site during the event for updates, if of course, you are not able to attend the show yourself. For those who are in the area, check out the registration options on the official site and also see what else is happening that I didn’t mention.

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