NZXT Apollo

by Rob Williams on June 20, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Building a new rig and can’t find a case that screams ‘gamer’? NZXT is a rather new company that’s making a splash in the case market, and they are releasing yet another new creation. This one is feature packed, looks great and it won’t even hurt the wallet.

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So lets take a look at a profile view of the Apollo. Reminds you of an Alienware doesn’t it? Usually I am not impressed by the color orange, in general, but it works very well with this case. It’s not too light, or bright… it’s just right. </dr. suess> Just like the Lexa, we can see they mounted the 120mm blue LED fan into the door with the same fan guard.

A look at the front of the case really does make it look alien-esque. The entire dark piece in the door is actually see-thru. So, if you have a media panel that glows bright, you will be able to still see it. This is perfect for LCD screens, like our previously reviewed CrystalFonts panel.

The front lower part that you see here, is not used for sucking in air. Rather, directly below this area, air can be sucked underneath to blow into the case. Each side of the panel here lights up blue LED when turned on, and looks quite sharp.

When you open the front panel door, it reveals not three… not four, but FIVE 5 1/4″ drive bays. This is plenty of room for your media panels and roms. There’s also a single 3 1/2″ floppy drive bay, which is perfect. Rarely anyone will need more than one of these drive bays. Beside that drive bay also, is the reset button.

On the bottom right hand side of the panel, is the firewire, audio and USB ports. This is the same spot as found on the Lexa, and is a good choice. It allows you quick access to the ports, without them cluttering up the front or top of your case.

The opposite profile view shows the entire side is clean of everything. Just the way it should be.

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