NZXT Apollo

by Rob Williams on June 20, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Building a new rig and can’t find a case that screams ‘gamer’? NZXT is a rather new company that’s making a splash in the case market, and they are releasing yet another new creation. This one is feature packed, looks great and it won’t even hurt the wallet.

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I have a simple problem. I am trying to think of a way to ding this case of a perfect score. Nothings perfect, after all. I just can’t do it though… I absolutely love this case. From the moment I opened the box, it screamed quality. It was very well packaged. Even the box art entices you to open it quicker.

The front dark panel is a great addition. Allowing your LCD media panels to shine through is an awesome idea. Sadly, I don’t own such a panel, but Johnny from NZXT was kind enough to snapshot an example for me.

The addition of Intel HD audio is another plus, although I was unable to test that out. Unbelievably, I did not have any speakers available to use in a single master port. Yes, I seem to lack a lot of things ;)

Generally, it would be best suited for 2.1 speakers, which I did not have. However, if you have standard headphones or a 2.1 set, you should be pleased with this.

Installation is something I don’t even really need to touch on.. because it was painless. It has been the easiest installation of any case I have ever had. They left plenty of room for you to work, and the only thing to move out of the way are the cables. The clips for your CD-Roms and hard drives are very innovative, and easy to use. The only thing you will need screws for are your motherboard.

Another thing that sometimes isn’t discussed, but is important, is the door. This one proves -very- light and easy to remove. You just unscrew two thumbscrews, and push the door towards the back. It’s so light and slides back into place easily… I have done it with one hand.

The fans are quiet, so that’s another bonus. I am unsure of what speeds they are rated for, but they are very quiet compared to the fan on the Zalman 9500AT. The only ‘bad’ thing I could say about the case is that it doesn’t include a front 120mm fan. It’s hard to knock the case for that though, because the SRP once it hits retail is only $69US (Online retailer, brick and mortar stores may be different).

This case has the looks, provides simple installation, room to move around, two large fans, cool blue LED light, a front see-thru panel, a total of 10 drive bays… for $69US!

After using this case for a week, I have come to love it. It has great styling, but won’t suit everyone, especially if you dislike an Alienware-esque looking chassis. For the price though, this case packs a lot, and it’s quality is far better than similarly priced cases on the market. The guys at NZXT know what they are doing, and I wish them the best in success, because they deserve it. I am awarding the NZXT Apollo a rare score of 10 out of 10 and alongside our Editors Choice award.

If you like the poster that you see on the first page of the review, then you can receive one easily. If you purchased the case, scan your receipt and e-mail the scan to designer [ a t ] and mention this specific review. They will send one right along to you.

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