OCZ Vertex 3.20 120GB SSD Review

by Robert Tanner on May 27, 2013 in Storage

Recently, OCZ began simplifying its SSD product line quite significantly in order to make the decision-making process easier for consumers. This was also encouraged by the fact that even budget models today offer some great performance. OCZ’s Vertex 3.20 targets that market, replacing the Agility and Vertex 3. Is it a worthy successor?

Synthetic: HD Tune Pro 5.0

HD Tune is still primarily an HDD benchmark, but we include it as an alternative for those consumers that prefer it for one reason or another. The free version does not perform write tests, but otherwise is available for free here.

HD Tune has always differed from AS SSD in its results, and this time is no different. The Vertex 3.20 is able to deliver a burst read speed on par with the best and delivers average performance on par with other SSDs, although it does post a lower minimum performance of 158.9MB/s.

HD Tune does utilize compressible data which is likely why random transfer performance is good for the 3.20, placing it in the upper half of the chart.