OCZ 2GB Gold PC2-8800

by Rob Williams on August 21, 2006 in Miscellaneous

It was only a matter of time before a company would release speedy DDR2-1100 modules, and OCZ has officially become the first. As one would expect, with such speed also comes loose timings. 5-6-6… ouch! We will see if tightening of those timings is possible, and also see if we can push them beyond their 550MHz speeds.

Page 3 – Sandra, Everest, Sciencemark

There is definitely no winner here… they both have the same performance. This is a good thing. At stock speeds, our scores were over 10K in Sandra… not too shabby! Max overclock was just shy of the elusive (on my machine at least) 11K.

When benchmarking memory using Sandra, we use special settings for our unbuffered, which you can view here. Various options are turned off in order to minimize the CPU’s impact on the final score.

I can’t explain why the VX2 lagged at the beginning, but it caught back up quickly. In the end, the VX2 inched it’s way past the Gold, but the gain is minor.

Everest 3.0

It’s almost scary to see how close the two sets of results are here. Everest seems to have far closer results when comparing two new identical sets of memory, than SANDRA does. No clue why, but it gives a reassuring sense of accuracy. We didn’t manage to come close to 10K, thanks to my wimpy CPU, however the results for the given speeds is great. Simply tightening the timings off of stock gained us over 200MB/s here.

Some great results here! Didn’t break through 40ns, but we came extremely close. The Gold beat out the VX2 here at the max OC by 0.6ns… not bad!

Sciencemark, PC Mark 05 & 3D Mark 01

PC Mark and 3D Mark are good quick tests to see how an overclock scales, but I put most of my faith into Sciencemark here. Compared to our Everest results, the scores seen here come quite close to each other. Even the top VX2 overclock here exhibited 9300MB/s in both Everest and Sciencemark.

Another oddity crawled up here though. The VX2 beat out the Gold in PC Mark in every test… especially the stock setting. It could be that using CAS4 at those speeds on the Gold held back the score a bit, but it didn’t do it in our previous benchmarks. With each new memory review I write… PC Mark tends to confuse me more and more.

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