OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold GX XTC Dual Channel

by Rob Williams on November 16, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Lots of memory manufacturers have tried their hand at custom heat spreaders, but most don’t usually make much of a noticeable difference. Being the innovators that OCZ are, they have delivered a very unique new spreader, that incorporates a honeycomb design to aide with better heat transfer. We are taking a look at their Gold GX PC3200 1GB kit.

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One thing that we discovered, was that these modules performed just as well as their big brother, the PC3500. That’s an honor in itself, because as noted earlier, they are more expensive. You pay less money for the same performance? That definitely works for me. I was even quite impressed with the overclocking ability on these modules. 2-2-2 at 240HTT is amazing for a value kit, or any kit for that matter. They were completely stable at those speeds and worked like a dream. Another bonus is that it didn’t require 3.2 or more voltage, but only 3.0. If you were to push 3.3v+ into these modules, you could go even further.

The main thing is though, is that these modules are extremely stable. I received 0 errors from a 12 hour MemTest run, at 240HTT, 3.0v and 2-2-2-5 timings. OCZ really pushes these modules as being ‘value’, so this type of performance is more than worth the money that you may pay for them. Whether or not the new heat spreaders really made a difference or not, is unknown. They certainly didn’t hurt performance though, and look pretty sweet as an addition.

It’s now really up to you whether you even want a 1GB kit. We are obviously coming into a time when 2GB is almost necessary, especially to play the latest games at the highest graphic levels. This set would be perfect for a modest gaming PC though, or even for someone who doesn’t have $300 of spare cash for a 2GB kit. At any rate though, if you have the cash for 2GB and you play the latest games, get a 2GB kit without thinking. If you buy a 1GB kit now, you are just going to find yourself with a need to upgrade in the very near future, if not already.

I am awarding this kit a 9/10 and our Editors Choice award. If for any reason you are looking for a 1GB kit, this is one you cannot go wrong with. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, looks great and gives better than average performance for the price range. Kudos to OCZ for impressing me with a kit that I didn’t think I’d be impressed by. This kit costs $10 more than the regular Gold GX 3200, so fork that out if you want the fancy heat spreaders.

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