OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 1024MB Gold Edition Dual Channel (2GB)

by Rob Williams on September 12, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Being the hardcore gamers that we are, the need for more than 1GB of memory is becoming evident. Last year, 512MB didn’t cut it, especially when playing top games like Half-Life 2 and Doom III. Now, current and upcoming top games are demanding more than 1GB, like BF2 and FEAR. Today, we are taking a look at a 2GB kit that is designed specifically for gamers.

Page 5 – Overclocking

We mentioned in the first page of this review, that these specific modules are not meant for overclocking. It’s stressed that any overclock you achieve out of these modules is a bonus, and should be treated as such. So please don’t go buy these sticks if you are looking to get massive overclocks!

The modules use Samsung UCCC chips which I have not toyed around with at all prior to this review. The 2GB PC4000 Mushkin modules also use these same chips, so it’s apparent that they are the right ones for the job. Even though the sticks are not designed for overclocking, I had a go at it anyway. I quickly found out, that like the BH-5 chips, you can pump voltage freely into the modules, but it will have little affect. In fact, the sweet spot is 2.7v, which is 0.1v lower than what OCZ recommends.

  • 250HTT – 3-4-4-8 – 2.7v (Stock)
  • 250HTT – 2.5-3-3-8 – 2.7v
  • 263HTT – 3-4-3-8 – 2.7v

You may have noticed that I had tightened the timings on these modules a fair bit. Running MemTest with a CAS of 2.5 would spawn an error about once every three complete run throughs. This tends to be a rare feat, and usually your MemTest screen could be loaded to the brim with errors. I have been using the computer for the past few days at these settings though, and will continue to play around with the settings on the memory to see if I can iron out all the errors.

As you can see, the OC is nothing amazing, a mere 13MHz up on stock. Many others out there with similar modules, using the Samsung UCCC chips, have found 270MHz to be very acquirable, but apparently not on my system!

Even though I didn’t get a major overclock, it’s stable so it may as well stay. If you are able to get your set up to 270MHz like many have, then it will be a sweet overclock on modules that are not meant for overclocking :)

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