OCZ GameXStream 700W

by Rob Williams on July 11, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Have a beefy system that requires a large PSU, but don’t want to suffer with an ugly unit? OCZ recently released their GameXStream series which are designed with gamers specifically in mind, and promise to deliver “XStream” performance.


OCZ is not a noobie to the PSU market. Their PowerStream and ModStream series did quite well. While they looked great, they also performed well. To cater more to the specific gamer market, they launched the new GameXStream series. Xtreme means it’s -going- to be good ;)

The GameXStream comes in two flavors.. 600W and 700W. Obviously, they are catering to big setups, most notably those with SLI. Either size should prove more than enough juice for any SLI rig, as long as you don’t have 30 hard drives and a 500mm fan. Unlike their ModStream series, the GameXStream is not modular, but all of the cables are sleeved. Overall, this really does look like a kick ass power supply. Let’s first take a deep look at the unit itself, and then we will get into the testing.


    Main Features

  • 600W and 700W Configurations
  • OCZ PowerWhisper Technology
  • Multi-GPU ready
  • Internal 120mm fan
  • 3 year warranty backed by OCZs exclusive PowerSwap replacement program. No more endless return-for-repair loops!
    Technical specifications

  • 150 x 140 x 86mm
  • ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V
  • OCZ ConnectAll universal connectors:
  • 1 x 20+4Pin ATX
  • 1 x 4-pin/8-pin CPU – (supports double CPUs/supplies stable voltage)
  • 2 x PCI-E
  • 6 x 4-pin peripheral
  • 2 x 4-pin floppy
  • 6 x S-ATA
    High efficiency
  • 80% @ 115V (Typical load)
  • 83% @ 230V (Typical load
  • Overvoltage/Overcurrent/Short-Circuit protection

  • Active PFC
  • MTBF:100,000 hours
  • 100~240Vac 10-5A 50/60Hz
  • +3.3V(36A), +5V(30A), +12V1(18A), +12V2(18A), +12V3(18A), +12V4(18A) Maximum ratings are shown.

Closer Look

The PSU showed up in a very appealing looking box, that begged to be opened. All of the information you would ever need is plastered all over, including the wattage and voltages, and the specific features. Upon opening, we see a small pamphlet, the PSU and some screws. The screws are black, to match the PSU. Good stuff.

Here it is, in all of it’s glory:

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