OCZ GameXStream 700W

by Rob Williams on July 11, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Have a beefy system that requires a large PSU, but don’t want to suffer with an ugly unit? OCZ recently released their GameXStream series which are designed with gamers specifically in mind, and promise to deliver “XStream” performance.

Connectors, Inside

You shouldn’t be running out of connectors soon. 6 SATA and 6 Molexes are found here, in addition to the dual PCI-E.

In the back, we see a blue power switch. Although it looks like it may light up, it actually doesn’t. What we do lack is a fan control switch, which should prove ok since it’s supposed to be a quiet fan.

Of all the features that this PSU has to offer, one I appreciate the most is the sleeved cables. They come out of the back nice and tidy, and make for an extremely easy setup and organization. More PSU’s should be designed as such.

The PSU is clean overall, as you can see in the following pictures. The top of the unit is completely clean, and so are the sides.

Except for this one, which contains all of the voltages and amperages.

For those of you interested in the insides [perverts!], here is a slew of photos.

I have to say, the inside looks pretty good. Except for those wimpy heatsinks! This is like a scrawny kid trying to take on a pro wrestler. For such a beefy unit, larger heatsinks would have definitely been appreciated. There’s been reports that this PSU will heat up quite a bit under load, and I am guessing this could be the reason.

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