OCZ Gold XTC 2GB PC2-4200

by Rob Williams on March 20, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Are you in the DDR2 market and want a speedy kit at a good price? The kit we are looking at today have a modest DDR2-533 stock speed and fantastic 3-3-3 timings. They also turn out to be good overclockers, making them a good value.

Overclock Ability

These modules are meant to function at 1.9v, but I found at stock speed 1.8v was plenty. Once we started to work beyond stock speeds though, 1.9v became a necessity.

    Successful Overclocks

  • 1# 267MHz – DDR2-533 (PC2-4300) @ 1.8v – 3-3-3-12 : 200FSB – CPU 2.8GHz
  • 2# 267MHz – DDR2-533 (PC2-4300) @ 1.8v – 3-3-3-12 : 267FSB – CPU 3.74GHz
  • 3# 292MHz – DDR2-584 (PC2-4700) @ 1.9v – 3-3-3-12 : 233FSB – CPU 3.29GHz
  • 4# 300MHz – DDR2-600 (PC2-4800) @ 2.0v – 3-3-3-12 : 200FSB – CPU 2.8GHz
  • 5# 312MHz – DDR2-625 (PC2-5000) @ 2.0v – 3-3-3-12 : 250FSB – CPU 3.50GHz
  • 6# 334MHz – DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) @ 2.1v – 3-3-3-12 : 250FSB – CPU 3.50GHz
  • 7# 334MHz – DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) @ 2.1v – 3-3-3-12 : 267FSB – CPU 3.74GHz
  • 8# 352MHz – DDR2-704 (PC2-5600) @ 2.1v – 4-4-4-12 : 264FSB – CPU 3.69GHz

In order to distinguish a successful overclock, the settings must pass error free through test 5 and 8 of MemTest. In order to make sure the modules were not defective on arrival, 10 runs of MemTest were performed. Those tests were error free, so we were good to go with overclocking.

As you can see, I tried to retain the original timings as much as possible. The last setting was the only one were the timings had to be loosened, because my goal was to break the DDR2-700 barrier. As usual, the overclocking ability impressed me, considering OCZ stresses that these are ‘value’ modules. We gained an 85MHz boost while retaining a safe VDIMM.

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