OCZ Gold XTC 2GB PC2-4200

by Rob Williams on March 20, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Are you in the DDR2 market and want a speedy kit at a good price? The kit we are looking at today have a modest DDR2-533 stock speed and fantastic 3-3-3 timings. They also turn out to be good overclockers, making them a good value.


These modules sure offer a lot to the consumer and the stock performance is great for what you’d expect from modules of this speed. One large benefit right off the bat is that the modules are equipped with 3-3-3-12 timings, while it’s direct competitors are stuck at 4-4-4-12. One downside though, is that these specific XTC modules don’t seem to be on sale anywhere. The original Gold are still well stocked, but the XTC are nowhere to be found. If you are interested in purchasing the modules reviewed here, you should expect the same performance from the Gold modules. As soon as the XTC are in stock, I will reflect it in the review.

For modules that aren’t designed for overclocking, these were pushed quite nicely. They didn’t OC as well as the 1GB PC2-5400 kit, but these use different chips I’m sure. The nearest competition has modules at 4-4-4 timings, so it’s up to you whether the extra cash is worth tighter timings. We managed to hit DDR2-667 while retaining those 3-3-3 timings. Currently, there is no DDR2-667 modules with stock 3-3-3 timings, so this is a nice overclock.

There is a few things to consider before picking up these modules. For around $5 more ($235), you can pick up the DDR2-667 versions of the modules, but suffer with the 4-4-4-12 timings. You could try those and hope for the best with your overclocking, or settle with the overclock ability of the ones I took a look at.

Overall, the max overclock was quite good because of the ability to retain the original timings. The primary thing that dings these modules is the price, and the ability to find them in stock. If you don’t plan on overclocking, then the timings will treat you better than the competition. I am awarding these modules a well deserved 9/10 and our Editors Choice award.

Rob Williams

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