OCZ Rally 2GB Thumb Drive

by Rob Williams on October 3, 2005 in Storage

Thumb Drives are not usually the most exciting products on the market. It’s no doubt though, that they can be extremely useful when backing data up.. especially at a high speed. We are taking a look at the new OCZ Rally drive, which promises to leave the competitors in the dust.

Page 1 – Introduction

When thumb drives made their first major appearance a few years ago, they were a toy that every tech geek had to have. Even today, many people who are always computing on the go usually have a thumb drive with them. I remember my first thumb drive.. a junky 64MB storage. It was good at the time, because I had it more for the ‘cool’ factor. Now though, they have more use than ever, which is why there is an insane amount of competition around.

Since thumb drives are now more of a common utility, competition does not just revolve around looks and storage size, but also the speed. OCZ is a company that came in a little late into the market of thumb drives, but they made sure they would enter with a bang. They say that it will leave competitors in the dust, and we are here to find out if that proves true. Before we jump into further details, here are a few bios:

Pick up the pace and transfer your music, pictures, videos, and data to your laptop or desktop in record time or simply “Plug and Play” them instantaneously from the convenience of any USB port. The Rally Drive excels when managing a wide range of media, and is optimized to more rapidly transfer today’s larger (5MB and up) files. The durable OCZ Rally stores vital documents, presentations, images, music and more in an ultra sleek pocket-size drive, so you can access your files without having to disconnect other USB ports to make room, a common problem with many oversized competitor drives. A glowing Blue LED in the base of the drive signals high speed transfer activity from start to finish.

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