OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCIe Hybrid SSD Review

by Robert Tanner on March 5, 2012 in Storage

SSDs are expensive and often don’t offer enough capacity to meet user needs. The recent SSD caching craze attempts to alleviate both these issues, but OCZ has done one better. Combining a RevoDrive 3 with a 1TB HDD the RevoDrive Hybrid offers a self-contained SSD caching solution that is guaranteed to work.

Page 5 – Synthetic: HD Tune Pro 4.6

Since we included a program designed to benchmark SSDs, we will include HD Tune as it benchmarks both hard disks and SSDs. Because the test drive houses the OS itself, HD Tune will not perform any write tests; we will have to be content with both the Read and Access times. HD Tune 4.6 added a new quick benchmark that we will include for users that wish to make a quick comparison with their own drives.

* Results from HD Tune 5.0

Again for compatibility reasons we utilized a newer version of HD Tune 5 when testing the RevoDrive Hybrid, so results may differ and are not directly comparable. Still, they provide a reference point we can make inferences from so we will include them here.

Even so, results are what we are coming to expect with the Hybrid delivering respectable, mid-range performance, although the dual-controller design gives it an edge in the random transfer tests. Unlike AS SSD, the access times completely hide the fact that there is a mechanical drive present.

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