Rag Doll Fung Fu Review

by Rob Williams on October 11, 2005 in Gaming

The Kung Fu game market is hardly large, so when one does pop up, it’s noticable. Kung Fu games also have their own uniqueness to them, but here’s a game that is even more so. This is a creation of Mark Healey, an indepentant game developer. Many people relate independant games to being sub-par or boring, but this is one game to tell them otherwise. Let’s jump right in, and take a hard look at Rag Doll Kung Fu!

Page 3 – Graphics and Conclusion


To say the least, the graphics impressed me quite a bit. As you can see from the screenshots in this article, the game is chalk full of eye candy. The screenshots do not do the game justice, because it’s an absolute graphical treat. The effects are extremely well done, especially when your Chi casts fire from his hands.

There are simple graphics settings that you can choose. To help the game look even more crisp, you can choose up to 4x Anti-Aliasing. If you have a widescreen monitor, you can even choose between 4:3 or 16:9 mode. Lastly, you can choose to run the game in windows mode, and choose between hi-red and low-res textures.

Even though the game is 2D playing, it has a lot of 3D elements, and that helps the game feel more alive. It’s impressive that this was all done by very few people, mostly Mark himself. He is not only a great coder, but also a great graphic designer!

What else?

Before I first jumped into the game, I had mixed feelings. From the screenshots, it looked like a cool game with neat graphics, but I wondered how enjoyable it would be to play with only the mouse. The game certainly came with a learning curve, and I did get discouraged a little at first. Since I’m such a noob, you may not find yourself with trouble at all. Once you understand how the game works, you are set.

The game is so well put together, I have no complaints whatsoever. It’s not meant to be a serious game, that’s quickly evident. Between the actual gameplay and cutscenes, you are sure to laugh many times.

The asking price for the game is $14.95US, and that’s not a lot to ask. I have had a blast playing the game over the past week, and highly recommend it to anyone. I can’t see myself stopping from playing this game, anytime soon. For once, there is a smaller game that I actually enjoy! It’s a great ‘Jump in and Go’ game, with a lot of replay value. If you hook up with your friends online, then the game is even more enjoyable… especially once you get into creating custom characters.

Kudos to Mark Healey and his crew, this is a job well done. If you want to find out even more information on the game, you can check out the official website at www.ragdollkungfu.com/. You can also join in discussion on the official forum, which just so happens to be part of the Steam Forums. If you want to see first hand what this game is all about before you can get your hands on it, check out the GDC video also found on the official site.

When I first saw an independent game listed in Steam, I had found it odd. After playing this one though, it shows that Valve would not add a ‘junk’ game to that list, but only quality. If that is the case, I hope to see more independent games listed there in the future. Thanks to Marcos Healey for help during this review.

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