Razer Copperhead 2000DPI Laser Mouse

by Greg King on November 4, 2005 in Peripherals

Looking for the *next* killer gaming mouse? It seems that every few months, one will come along and blow us away. Now we are seeing gaming mice that finally have a freakin’ LASER! Today we are taking a look at the new Razer Copperhead, which not only looks awesome, but performs exceptionally.

Page 1 – Introduction

The mouse is arguably the most important component that a gamer can add to their PC.

There, I said it. I can picture the emails now, letting me hear it for overlooking the coveted CPU and video cards that are out there today. Hear me out before you unleash all hell.

Whether you are a gamer (check), a video editor or a photographer, a mouse is vital to your work. A CPU can quickly execute your commands and a video card can display your work just as beautiful as you can imagine but the mouse, the lowly mouse, is your connection with your PC. It’s your every reaction in a game. It’s getting that perfect placement on a crop. The mouse is the representative of you to your computer.

With all that said, why would you not want the precision that a good mouse can provide? This is a question that I have posed to myself time and time again.

/Enter Razer.

Today I am taking a look at the Razer Copperhead laser mouse. This is the latest entry into the world of mice from a company that made a name for themselves in the late 1990’s with the famous Boomslang. Ever since then, they have continually raised the bar when it comes to gaming mice. I am anxious to see what this had to offer over a traditional optical mouse.


The Copperhead comes in a nice, average sized box with a clear middle section where the mouse is clearly visible in a clam shell type plastic housing. When opened, the box gives way to a few nice surprises. The first being the plastic housing was easy to open and took little effort to get to the prize. The second is the incredibly long cord on the mouse. Also included in the box was a certificate of authenticity with a nice message from the Razer Guy himself. The last item in the box is the small manual with the driver disk included in the manual.

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