Razer Copperhead 2000DPI Laser Mouse

by Greg King on November 4, 2005 in Peripherals

Looking for the *next* killer gaming mouse? It seems that every few months, one will come along and blow us away. Now we are seeing gaming mice that finally have a freakin’ LASER! Today we are taking a look at the new Razer Copperhead, which not only looks awesome, but performs exceptionally.

Page 3 – Included Software

The included software is basically a control panel that allows you to control your dpi switches, polling rate as well as save up to 5 user profiles. This is a nice feature if you have different applications that you will be using with this mouse. I set everything at high just to see how much of a difference I could see. From my old optical mouse to this one, the difference is night and day.

Here you can see that the initial menu allows you to set your own personal profile to suit your needs. I set everything to max with the knowledge that I will be able to lower the DPI setting on the fly if needed.

With this picture you see that the you can adjust virtually any setting that you can imagine. You can adjust the scroll speed, double click speed, whether or not you’re on the fly settings are displayed on the screen or not we well as X and Y axis settings.

From here, I am going to play around in BF2, Counter Strike: Source as well as Photoshop 7 and Rhino 3D. I will obviously need the different DPI settings for the different programs I will be using so I will take note of that as well.
In BF2, the ability to switch the DPI on the fly is a wonderful feature that comes in handy. I can turn it way up when I am in a vehicle (tank turret) and turn is down a bit when I am zoomed in onto a target. The same applies to CS:S, minus the vehicles, that is. The lower DPI setting help a lot when sniping, and the higher setting help greatly when in open territory when turning around fast is important.
In Rhino and Photoshop, the DPI settings really didn’t come into play, the extreme precision that the laser provides is very much appreciated. The accuracy that this mouse provides is unparalleled.

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