Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

by Greg King on March 9, 2007 in Peripherals

Razer has developed gaming mice for a while, but all have been ambidextrous. The DeathAdder breaks that habit to become the first Razer right-handed mouse. Aside from that, we quickly found out that the DeathAdder is one of the best looking and most comfortable mice on the market today.


As gamers, we tend to look for any little advantage that can give us an edge on our opponents. For the talented, this can be the difference between a kill and defeat. For everyone else, myself included, upgrading peripherals in the hopes of becoming a better gamer instantly is basically throwing money at a problem that there isn’t a quick fix for. Over the past 2 years at Techgage, we have taken looks at more mice than we care to admit. Of the mice that have made their way across our cluttered desks, only a few have remained after the review has been posted.

In the world of gaming mice, for years only one company has been consistently brought up in discussions. Logitech. It’s only been recently that a company with passion enough to step up has attempted to rock the boat and reinvent the wheel so to speak. This company is Razer.

Dating back to the late 90s, Razer launched their Boomslang gaming mouse upon the collective gaming community so from the start, it was a hit. Since then, Razer has continued to build off that momentum and is now, unquestionable, a heavy hitter in the world of PC gaming hardware.

As stated earlier, we have taken looks at many mice in our short 2 year existence and many of those have been from Razer. Starting with the Copperhead, our overall reaction to the mice that Razer has produced has been a mixed bag. The performance of the goods has never been in question. Providing us with high DPI, complete and adjustable software and an overall sturdy build, the quality of the mice has never been the products shortcomings.

Our primary complaint has been the shape and feel of the mouse in our hands. The ambidextrous design has never really worked for us when for years, we have used right hand oriented mice. Now this could be that we were just used to the feel of the right handed design but for whatever the reason, we just couldn’t get past the feel of the ambidextrous design. This past January, Rob and I sat down with Robert Krakoff, President and driving force behind Razer at CES. While we were talking, he kept playing around with their soon to be released DeathAdder gaming mouse. What set this apart from the rest of the Razer lineup was that this was design and manufactured for right handed gamers only.

With a great deal of their criticism coming from gamers pining for a non-ambidextrous gaming mouse, it had appeared that Razer was listening. At the time, we were excited about the mouse but the overall mood of the meeting was eclipsed by their THX certified Mako 2.1 speakers. Once we returned home from CES and began to get back into the daily rigors that is online journalism and we had forgotten all about the incredible mouse we had seen just a few days earlier.

On the bench today, we have the Razer DeathAdder, the same mouse that Robert was so impressed with at CES. Now I know he had a product to showcase, but as impressed he was with the mouse, Rob and I were as well. Will the initial excitement carry over to real world usage? We intend to find out.

The Goods

The DeathAdder, following the naming scheme of deadly, or at least mostly deadly, animals, comes packaged in what we have come to expect from Razer. A well labeled black box, with the Razer logo and a picture of the DeathAdder itself provide all of the information one might need to make a well educated purchase.

The front of the box opens up, revealing the mouse itself. Packaged in a plastic clamshell, we see the all black DeathAdder with it’s blue scroll wheel.

Packaged with the DeathAdder is a typical round Razer manual, a driver disk, a certificate of authenticity with a small letter from Robert "Razer Guy" Krakoff and a baseball card type card for the mouse.

The DeathAdder

The DeathAdder, as stated earlier, is a right handed mouse designed completely outside the realm of all other Razer mice. With a standard 7 foot cable the mouse connects to your PC through a gold plated USB connector. The top of the DeathAdder is covered in a non stick material that not only ensures a good grip on the mouse during use, but also adds to the overall comfort and feel of it as well. Another thing to point out is the buttons themselves. On the mouse, there are 5 programmable buttons. The left and right buttons extend more than half way back on the mouse, giving the overall feel of the buttons one of ease. It takes little effort to depress the buttons and the quick response should help in not only games, but in everyday use as well.

On the bottom of the DeathAdder, there are three large Teflon feet to reduce friction and allow the mouse to glide smoothly over virtually any surface. In the center of the mouse is the third generation infrared optical sensor that operates at an adjustable 1800 DPI and operates over a quite ride 16-bit data channel.

When connected to the PC, the DeathAdder really comes to life. Unlike other Razer mice, the sides of the mouse do not light up but rather, Razer has chosen to only light the scroll wheel and the Razer logo. When the PC is on, the scroll wheel lets off a pleasant blue glow and the logo pulses at a steady pace.

On to testing!