Seagate 750GB Barracuda 7200.10

by Rob Williams on May 17, 2006 in Storage

Seagate has introduced to us once again the largest consumer drive available, and we have it on our testbench. Surprisingly, not only does it have much more space than the previous 500GB model, it also proves to be much faster. Let’s take a close look at the drive, and see just what perpendicular magnetic recording can offer us.

PC Mark 05, SANDRA

PC Mark has a very interesting way of benchmarking storage. Instead of using a ‘normal’ Min/Avg/Max scheme, they take various aspects of everyday computer use and turn them into a benchmark. Note that the final PC Mark in the graphs have a decimal, but the real score does not. The decimal was added to allow the other bars to show.

The differences continue to be apparent. I had thought that the 750GB drive would come in last place throughout our tests, but I was proven absolutely wrong. The performance that this drive offers is amazing.


SANDRA is obviously one of the most popular benchmarking tools out there, and for good reason. Note though, that the 500GB and 160GB drives were benchmarked with version 2005, while the 2007 was used for benchmarking the 750GB. A few quick tests proved no real difference between the versions for this use though.

Once again, the 750GB cleans up these tests, and only falls short in the buffered tests. It’s hard for any single drive to even consider keeping up to the 500GB’s buffered results. They are almost unheard of!

Rob Williams

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