Seagate Momentus 5400.3 160GB Mobile HDD

by Rob Williams on March 21, 2006 in Storage

If you demand to be mobile and still have the hard drive space you need, then you should look at the Seagate Momentus 5400.3. It’s the first mobile drive to be equipped with a full 160GB of disk space, and still retains great speed.

Page 4 – HD Tach and HD Tune

I will be pitting the Momentus against my current laptop drive, a Hitachi TravelStar 60GB. This is not a directly fair comparison because the Momentus is 5400RPM as opposed to the Hitachi which is 7200RPM. The Hitachi also has an average seek time of 10ms compared to the Momentus’ 12ms. I would pit other mobile drives against it if I had them on hand. It’s a rather large difference, because the Hitachi is better for gaming in general because of faster read times. Currently, no PMR hard drive supports a speed of 7200RPM, but hopefully the will in time.

Before testing, each drive was completely formatted and installed with a fresh copy of Windows. All services that were not required by Windows were disabled. The only applications installed were benchmarking tools. Let’s start off with HD Tach.

The results here are actually quite better than I had expected. Throughout all of the tests, the 5400.3 only proved near 5% slower.

HD Tune proved a little different though. In this case, the 5400.3 was about 10% slower… but this is expected.

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