SilverStone Ensemble EB01

by Will Pope on May 11, 2006 in Audio & Media

Friends, Romans,Countrymen, lend me your ear. Well both ears actually as we take a look, and a listen to the Silverstone EB01 USB digital to analog converter.

Page 1 – Introduction

The SilverStone Ensemble EB01 is a convenient device that can instantly translate your PC’s digital signals into lifelike analog sound suitable for personal high end stereo setups. EB01’s advanced internal circuitry will ensure that any sound effect or music from your CD, DVD, MP3 files, or games will be reproduced in quality as the artist and content creator originally envisioned.

    Special Features

  • High quality 4-layer PCB with a ground layer to ensure distortion free signals.
  • Pure sound reproduction with no filter capacitor.
  • Relay output ensures no popping noise when system turns on or off.
  • Automatic USB voltage regulator guarantees stable electrical input for EB01.
  • Analog and digital signals are powered separately for no cross-over effects.
  • USB powered for less clutter and ease of use.

  • Digital to Analog Converter
  • Fully Compliant with the USB Specification (500mA)
  • Accepts 16-BIT Stereo and MONO USB Audio Data Streams
  • Dynamic Range 100dB (typ at 16-bit)
  • SNR
  • 105dB (typ)
  • THD+N
  • 0.002% (typ at 16-bit)
  • Full-Scale Output 3.1Vp-p
  • 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz

Let me say that when I first saw this product I remember thinking that this looks like another gadget that no one needs. What? Convert digital to analog. What’s the point? A good question to ask. If you are an audiophile like myself, you will appreciate what this little box can do. I hooked this up to my PC and my home audio system using the auxiliary channel. The results were immediate.

I used both Media Player and WinAmp and I heard sounds in songs you can only hear through your home system. The richness and fullness of the music was as intended by the artist. Subtle things like the way a guitar riff ends or background vocals that can barely be heard in analog that can’t be heard at all in digital.

I have a 200 disc cd player in my home system but I have much more music than that. This device allows me to play the music I have on my hard drive through my audio system with the same high quality. Who needs a 200 disc cd player when you have this mighty, little box. The brushed aluminum case, blue LEDs and component like feet are a nice touch. It is also available in black.

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