SilverStone TJ08

by Greg King on June 15, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

SilverStone is back again with another great looking case, but this time it’s for you BTX users. The pure black case has a brushed aluminum surface, and is one of the classiest looking you can find on the market. Is the performance up to par with it’s looks?


The argument can be made that the world is getting smaller. Now we all know that physically, the world is the same size roughly that it has been since it formed but it’s our personal space that is collapsing. I know personally that my computer desk in my office has 3 19′ LCD screens and my computer tower. My work space around the desk is not much better.

I am currently running my PC in a full ATX tower. While my case has plenty of room in it, it is rather large. One way to combat this size problem is to take a smaller approach to PC construction all together.

Micro ATX has been around for a while now and offers full size performance in a much smaller package. Most all full size computer cases can accommodate a micro ATX motherboard but the opposite cannot be said of micro ATX cases. You must use the smaller motherboard as a full sized motherboard just wouldn’t fit. In keeping with the micro ATX build, we are taking a look at SilverStone’s TJ-08.

We have taken a look at a fair amount of SilverStone products in the past ranging from small accessories, fans, cases and power supplies. As you can tell, SilverStone has its hands in many different areas in the PC community and in the past, I have been impressed with the products from them that I have reviewed. Let’s see how the SS TJ-08 stacks up.


The TJ-08 case packaged in a brown box with the SilverStone logo and bits of case information printed on it. It’s nothing special but it’s to the point. What more can you ask for?

Once opened, you can see the foam on either side of the case to provide protection during shipping. There is also a plastic bag around the case to further protect it from scratches.

Once everything is out of the box, you can see that the bag completely covers the entire case. This is to ensure that there are no scratches on the case and once the bag is removed, one can get a deeper appreciation for that bag.

Once the case is out of the box and the protective bag is removed, one can see the black finish. The brushed aluminum look on the front is sharp and the paint on the sides and top is well done as well.

On the bottom of the front of the case, you can see the audio jacks as well as 4 USB 2.0 ports as well as one firewire port.