SilverStone TJ08

by Greg King on June 15, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

SilverStone is back again with another great looking case, but this time it’s for you BTX users. The pure black case has a brushed aluminum surface, and is one of the classiest looking you can find on the market. Is the performance up to par with it’s looks?

Further look

One other nice piece that I would like to point out is the brushed aluminum power and reset buttons. They add to the overall finish of the case and are convenient too.

Right above the USB ports, there is a 120mm intake with a filter to, well, filter out dust and any other small particles that can collect inside your case. This is something that I like to see. Usually small cases will use an 80mm or perhaps even a 92mm fan to save some space but SilverStone was able to incorporate a 120mm fan. 120mm fans move a tremendous amount of air at a relatively low noise.

Heading to the side of the case, we can see that there is a grill to allow air into the case. This opening is conveniently located in the general area of the PC’s hottest components. This will allow cooler air to move over the video card as well as the CPU and then out the exhaust fan in the back.

Speaking of exhaust fans, let’s take a look at the back of the case. Once again, SilverStone was able to include another 120mm fan to blow the hot case air out of the case. With the 2 120mm fans running together, this should provide a good amount of airflow through the small space.

So far, I like what I see. I am a bit worried though about the room that I will have to work with when it comes time to route all of the cables to where they need to be to provide acceptable airflow through out the case.

The inside of the case is what you would expect when dealing with a small case’little room. The case itself, aside from size, it not unlike any other case that you or I might have worked with in the past. The layout is standard with the optical drives being at the top of the case in the front and the 3.5′ drives being directly below. The PSU will be installed in the upper rear of the case. I also want to note that this case has a removable motherboard tray to aid in the installation of your motherboard.

Moving onto the front and rear of the inside, we see the two fans that will be working to keep this case cool once everything is installed.