Slim Devices Squeezebox

by Greg King on February 2, 2007 in Audio & Media

Wireless is now, so why not include your music within the realm of this amazing technology? That’s what Slim Devices is out to do with their Squeezebox. Not only can it wirelessly deliver music to anywhere in your home, it’s also finely tuned with the Rhapsody music service for the ability to listen to even more music. It can even handle lossless audio formats!

Page 2 – Closer Look

Inside the box, we see that the Squeezebox is packaged well and that all of the extra accessories come in a separate small box as to keep them from rattling around during shipping. Surrounded by foam, the Squeezebox is sure to survive almost anything that any of the major shipping companies can throw at it.

Included in with the product is just enough to get you going. First off, there is a well written manual explaining how to setup your Squeezebox. There is a small cloth to keep your investment clean as well as a power supply, an audio cable (analog RCA L/R), and a set of AAA batteries for the remote.

Out of the entire package, the only thing that leaves me a bit empty is the remote. With such a well designed piece of hardware like the Squeezebox, the complimenting remote isn’t as elegant in appearance as the Squeezebox itself. Not that this is a terrible thing as the remote does what it should and provides more than enough functionality and control, but with something as nice as the Squeezebox, a little better looking remote would go far with the audio community. On the other side of this though, perhaps the remote allows Slim Devices to curb prices a bit and keep the Squeezebox at a price point just under $300 (US).

Once opened, the Squeezebox’s design team deserves a gold star for making the unit as attractive as possible. With the sleek black on grey look, the unit is sure to stand out in any entertainment center.

Moving to the back, the design hasn’t stopped here. With one large metal bar as a support, it sits at a small angle, facing slightly upward. The back looks good in a very glossy black with all of the connectivity ports at the bottom.

There are a few different options for connectivity. From left to right you have a headphone mini-jack, RCA analog, digital optical, digital coaxial, 10/100 base Ethernet line as well as a power socket. As the following picture suggests, there are a few different ways to connect to the Squeezebox. Either with an Ethernet line or by 802.11 b/g, it will stay connected to the host PC.

To connect to your home audio input, you can go analog or digital if you so desire. There is even the option to use a set of headphones. This would be ideal with a cordless headset, allowing you to sit is the same room as the Squeezebox but without disturbing anyone else in the house.

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